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    “Craig Morris […] starred in the Second Brandenburg Concerto, which also featured [Pinchas] Zukerman. […] his performance had the precisely calibrated shading of a true virtuoso. […] he plunged into Bach’s nonstop musical lines with zest. The high, clear tone of his trumpet was genial and sparkling, taking on a playful hint of toy trumpet in some of it’s flights.” — Chicago Sun Times The Second Brandenburg came off the best, no small thanks to Craig Morris’ high‐flying clarino trumpet. — Chicago Tribune “The trumpet shall sound [had] a hieratic air helped along by Craig Morris' ringing trumpet solo.” — San Francisco Chronicle “But the evening’s high point was Haydn’s Concerto for Trumpet in E flat major, featuring Craig Morris. […] Morris successfully followed the ebb and flow of dynamics that Haydn prescribed, demonstrating bravura within the constraints of classical refinement. His cadenza was a decorative delight, a brief showpiece that climbed and hovered and showed off neat little trills. It was controlled and elegantly phrased, as was his fine, even interpretation of the pensive melodic line in the andante movement, where Haydn explores distant tonalities.” — Sacramento Bee “The solo playing of Morris is excellent, showing a great range of expression.” — Fanfare Magazine on the Naxos recording of Thom Sleeper’s Concerto for Trumpet “Saturday evening's concert at the Civic featured Craig Morris […] in the U.S. premiere of Joby Talbot's "Desolation Wilderness for Trumpet and Orchestra." The title, after a location in the Sierra Nevada, could mislead. Far from sounding desolate, the concerto's bright trumpet flights and minimalistic orchestral ripples depicted joyful images. Morris's brilliant tone, crisp articulation and finely nuanced sensitivity, gave Talbot's music a vivid presence.” — Santa Cruz Sentinel “This was also a grand exercise for [soloist] Craig Morris, who carried off all the staccatos, forays to the high register, and mellow slow‐movement themes a la ‘Quiet City.’” — Arts San Francisco ( on the U.S. Premier of Joby Talbot’s Desolation Wilderness “Soloist Craig Morris gave Sleeper’s Concerto a remarkable sendoff. The former Chicago Symphony Orchestra principal […] played with a gleaming clarion tone and laser‐like focus, sailing through the lightning‐fast complexities of the finale with staggering virtuosity.” — Sun Sentinel on the World Premier of Thom Sleeper’s Concerto for Trumpet “[…]The trumpet shall sound, which also benefited from terrific obbligato playing by Craig Morris.” — South Florida Classical Review